Providence Network is deeply committed to both the short-term alleviation of people’s basic needs and the long-term process of healing and restoration. It’s what we mean by the desire that our residents would not only survive but thrive. During such an unexpected time of great need, we’re thankful to those who have joined us in this essential work.

Meet Dave and Carla Foote, empty nesters who have called Denver home for almost four decades. As longtime financial partners, they humbly accepted our invitation to share what moves them to give to Providence Network (excerpted here).

Dave and Carla Foote Give Financially

The Well-Being and Flourishing of Our City

We regularly see people who are homeless in our neighborhood. We wonder: What can we do? What is the solution? We recognize that housing insecurity is complicated, and sometimes we feel God prompting us to take a specific action to help someone we see. But we really want to make a difference in the long term.

The long-term perspective is what we appreciate about Providence Network—not just for today or tomorrow, but they invest in people over yearsIt takes layers of work, initiative, support, and resources for life change—Providence Network is a comprehensive ministry that can change the trajectory of a life.

We live in the city and we want to be engaged in Christian nonprofits who are making a difference here—in the well-being and flourishing of our city, for all our citizens. We also realize that we are privileged with financial resources and we have a responsibility to steward those. It is easy to say we trust God, but if we are honest, we may put more trust in our bank account or 401(k).

We are both still working, we have income, and we want to be generous rather than holding on tight and being fearful. Being generous frees us from thinking too highly of our money as our own.

Providence Network is fueled by the generosity of those who believe in the restorative community we offer. Your donations help advance our mission and give our residents the means to thrive. Would you join Dave and Carla in giving toward the flourishing of Denver’s most vulnerable?