Jon Osborn graduated from Providence House in 2018 and moved into our NextStep apartments at Clausen House. Before the pandemic made social distancing necessary, Jon was a consistent presence at the graduate celebrations of those who came after him. We love when graduates like Jon stay engaged, and we were especially honored when he pledged to share a portion of his stimulus check in response to our recent challenge.

Here’s what he told us about his gift: “Some people are just surviving on this money, and I don’t have that dilemma. I’m working. I have over 40 months sober. I have so much and I’m so blessed. It’s time to complete the circle by giving back.

I’d be dead if I hadn’t come to Providence Network.  It continues to save my life every day.

Why Jon Osborn gives to Providence Network, encouraging charitable giving in Denver, CO
I came to Providence Network because I was desperate to change my life. Thirty years of trying it my way hadn’t worked, and I felt like I had reached my new low.

I was attracted to the program because it’s not just about the rules and what you
can’t do. It’s about the counseling and about being in a place where the staff is there all the time to provide support and accountability.

This was a place not only where I could find answers but where I could learn the questions I needed to ask myself.

After graduating from Prov, I moved into Clausen House where I could keep growing and stay connected to my community. I know what I’m capable of when I’m left on my own, and it’s not pretty. It was the next logical, safe, best decision I could make.

Sharing part of my stimulus check was not a difficult choice. I’m in a position to give back, and I am very grateful.

Like Jon, we too are grateful.

We’re grateful for the partners who have already supported us financially as we continue providing shelter and services across our six homes. We’re grateful for short-term funding offered by the CARES Act. We’re grateful for the ability to reduce non-essential expenses without releasing any of our staff.

We realize there will be lingering cultural and economic effects of this pandemic, but we are confident the investments we’re making in our residents’ lives will endure—with positive outcomes for them, their children and families, and our community as a whole.

This is our missional commitment.