What do we mean when we talk about giving our residents a hand UP, not a hand OUT, during the holiday season?

Christmas is intended to stir up feelings of hope, anticipation, wonder, and excitement. But for many of our residents, it is a painful reminder of what is broken, lost, and scarce. Our Mr. HUG’s Christmas Store is an end-of-year celebration designed to encourage our residents and remind them they’re not alone.

“HUG’s” stands for “Hand Up Giving.” This event empowers our residents with the joy-filled opportunity to purchase brand-new gifts for their friends and family while continuing to strive toward economic self-sufficiency.

Surrounded by Christmas cheer, our residents shop from a variety of brand new toys, clothes, games, home goods, personal care items, and more. Each item is affordably priced with a maximum cost of $5, and all the money spent is donated to other nonprofits.

It’s an incredible way for our residents to experience the satisfaction of providing for their loved ones AND the joy of giving to others. We love seeing all the happy faces as people leave the store with their arms full of gifts. One less worry. One less stress. One more way to heal what is broken, restore what is lost, and experience a bit of plenty.

Why hand up giving? Check out Mr. HUG’s 2022 photos here or watch 2022’s highlight reel here!