As we celebrate freedom this week, we thought you’d enjoy hearing one resident’s experience of how Providence Network is shaping her recovery from addiction.

Our most recent FirstStep graduate, Star Ferguson, has not only made great personal strides, she’s had a positive impact on the people around her, encouraging our newer residents and setting an example in her volunteer efforts. Her hard work and perseverance have had a ripple effect that extends well beyond the changes in her own life.

“It makes you feel good to get in a position where you can give back and encourage somebody else that they can do it too.”

The support and accountability our homes provide makes all the difference for residents like Star. This has been especially true over the last few months. For people impacted by homelessness, addictions, and domestic violence, a global pandemic increases their vulnerability in lots of areas. The ability to carry out our mission and fully operate our six homes has been crucial to our residents’ continued success.

We’re excited to welcome Star into our NextStep community as she makes her home at Clausen House in July!