Providence House offers an addiction recovery program for women and men. We recently asked one of our Providence House Care Coordinators, April Sloan, how she describes our program to those interested in applying. Her answer: “Providence House is a faith-based transformational recovery program.” Let’s explore our care coordinator’s definition of our sober-living program in three parts:

1. How is Providence House an addiction recovery program?

While there are many types of temporary housing services, from emergency shelters to halfway houses, Providence Network’s residential program for women and men typically focuses on substance abuse recovery. That includes Joy House, where single moms have become homeless as a result of domestic violence. At Providence House , we have served those struggling from substance use disorders since 1988.

We believe that people can heal from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and other kinds of addictions through a holistic strategy, combining best practices with a faith-based approach. April points out, “Recovery is so much more than staying sober.”

Long term sustained recovery is surrounding yourself with a healthy community, encouraging accountability, and laying a whole new foundation for life. “Accountability is key to sustainable recovery,” April adds. This is why we have 24/7 live-in staff at Providence House. We believe a life-on-life recovery model works best.

While we are not an inpatient addiction treatment program, we create an individualized care plan for each program participant. April says, “Everything we do focuses on recovery.” This helps women and men in recovery pass significant milestones, building momentum and confidence to succeed.

2. How is Providence House transformational? 

Providence Network’s tagline is “changing lives from the inside out.” We recognize that our residents are the ones who do the hardest work and that we can’t change anyone. Our staff empowers each person to realize his or her potential for change. What do we consider our building blocks for life change?

  • Individual therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Addictions recovery meetings
  • A God-centered approach that invites people to take a deeper look at their wounds and hopes

That is why we call our addiction recovery programs “transformational” rather than simply “transitional.”

Professional counseling helps those struggling with substance misuse, but also traumas, mental health issues, relationship difficulties, workplace challenges, and more. We help our program participants navigate many of the most difficult and complex aspects of life. Support groups in particular have proven transformative. Many of our program participants have benefitted from 12-step recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, and Re:generation.

3. How is Providence House faith based?

Our holistic programs and services are grounded in the belief that Christ-centered community makes true healing possible. We are a spiritually minded, faith-based Christian recovery community. We welcome all people from all faiths, or no faith at all.

When potential program candidates fill out our application and come to an interview, we try to be clear up front that we are a Christian community and that, while we serve people of all (or no) religions, they can expect to encounter spiritual conversations about God.

We see a person’s faith walk as an opportunity to journey alongside them. Faith is a pathway to dialogue, to grow, and to find hope, no matter where one finds themselves spiritually. April explains, “Our hope is to walk beside you as you begin your journey of recovery. We all need love and grace.”

How does Providence House serve women and men?

Providence House can serve up to ten men and eight women recovering from addiction and homelessness. Our program is designed to serve the unique needs of both men and women, providing counseling and space for both to heal. But why not just men or just women? Because life is co-ed, and we want our residents to learn how to have healthy, non-romantic, co-ed friendships.

On a practical level, male and female residents do not have rooms in the same house. The men have rooms in the carriage house, which is separate from the main house. Our female staffers and residents have rooms in the main home, offering them safety and privacy, which is foundational to healing. 

Residents are not permitted to have dating relationships the first year of the program. We see that first year as an opportunity to focus on recovery, and romantic relationships often distract residents from fully participating. We have seen many instances of a strong start, but due to unhealthy relationship patterns, residents leave prematurely. Dating relationships, though not encouraged, are allowed in the second year of the program.

There are often new resident openings for women and men, and both are encouraged to visit our application page to apply. We want to see women and men finish the transitional program and enter into a new chapter in their lives, not just surviving, but thriving.

Providence House is a faith-based transformational recovery program for women and men.

We believe Providence House is a wonderful place for single women and single men struggling with substance addiction to find healing and hope. While it is not a detox center, we encourage those entering detox treatment or who have verifiable sobriety to apply. We are thrilled when women and men find out that they can have a new, healthy life through recovery and change.

If you are in need of our recovery services in Denver, we hope you will apply to our addiction recovery program.

If Providence House is not a good fit for you, please visit 2-1-1 Colorado for a comprehensive list of service providers.