“Life can be described in so many ways, but it makes a lot of sense to me to see it as a journey.” — Andy Cannon, Co-Founder

What is the Road to Providence Pledge?

The Road to Providence Pledge is a five-year commitment of generosity leading to one or more major donations to our work. Through financial partnership (and a step of faith) Road to Providence members enable residents—men, women, and children—to help them leave homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence to become economically self-sufficient, relationally healthy, and spiritually whole people well on their way to flourishing lives.

When our residents come to our transformational housing program, they commit the next 1-2 years of their lives to changing themselves from the inside out. It’s a journey, a pilgrimage, and it’s not easy. To succeed, they need a safe, healthy, dependable environment. You can help us provide that by committing to a pilgrimage of your own. By pledging to donating each year for the next five years, you will equip residents to take their journeys, enable our staff to walk alongside them, and provide the stability and support Providence Network needs to serve faithfully.

By taking the pledge, you enable our residents to travel the road.

A Five-Year Journey

While Denver spends $42,000 (or more) each year per person experiencing homelessness, Providence Network needs approximately $10,500 per resident for services meant for lasting change. Members pledge to donate $1,000 a year or more for five years at one of the following giving levels, sponsoring one or more residents as they complete our program.

Will Providence House Graduation with family

New Beginnings Sponsor

Pledge $1,000 to $4,999 each year for five years

Will’s family take a photo at his Providence House graduation, celebrating the completion of his two-year transformational recovery program and his new beginning. His 15-year-old son spoke at his graduation about how grateful he was to have his dad back. Since graduation, Will moved into Silver Lining House, our home for young men, and is giving back by walking alongside others in recovery.

A gift of $1,750 covers the first two months of a new resident’s journey, a powerful contribution to a new beginning.

Joy House graduate photo, woman exiting domestic violence in Denver, Colorado

Counseling Sponsor

$5,000 to $9,999 each year for five years

“Joy House really helped me at my lowest point in life. I was going to move back to my hometown to flee an abusive marriage, but that meant not being able to complete my degree in Special Education at Metro. Joy House offered me and my daughter, Angelique, a safe place to heal and grow while I completed my degree. I was able to finish college while living there, and I taught for 2 years at a residential treatment facility while we lived at Victory House. We now live in Grand Junction, and I have a 9-year-old as well. Angelique graduated high school a year early and is in a culinary program at community college now.” – Ginger, Joy House Alumni

A gift of $5,200 sponsors a year’s worth of professional group counseling among the mothers of Joy House.

Joy House Graduation, single moms exiting domestic violence, homelessness, and addiction in Denver Colorado

Resident Sponsor

$10,000 to $25,000 each year for five years

Rachael, one of our Joy House managers, and Alaa are all smiles as she receives her diploma. Reflecting on that moment, Alaa says, “I feel so happy. And I felt nervous because I was going to leave Joy House. I’d been there for two years and I feel like this is my family. . . But I felt proud of myself because I made that happen, finally.” Alaa and her daughter are continuing to grow and flourish in our affordable housing as they sustain the hard work they both accomplished.

A gift of $10,500 sponsors one year of comprehensive programming for a resident, sustaining their change through the highs and lows of their first year of recovery.

Staff, development, and Silver Lining House resident at South Suburban Church

Staff Sponsor

$25,000 to $99,999 each year for five years

Michael and Breno, our two Silver Lining House staff members, take a photo with a resident, having just shared their recovery stories. Breno came from a life of privilege in Brazil but fell into addiction because he felt nothing the world offered could fill the emptiness inside. He discovered a relationship with God and has not only sustained his recovery, but is serving young men, ages 18-25, coming out of addiction, homelessness, and social isolation. Together, they thrive.

A gift of $45,000 covers approximatly three months of staffing in one of our three transitional homes, enabling the staff to walk alongside and encourage residents 24/7.

Three transitional housing programs in Denver, Colorado focusing on addiction recovery program

House Sponsor

$100,000+ each year for five years

Providence House (est. 1988) serves up to 10 men and 8 women recovering from addiction and homelessness. Joy House (est. 2000) serves up to 11 women and 17 children recovering from domestic violence, which is often accompanied by addiction and homelessness. Silver Lining House (est. 2018) serves up to 13 young men, ages 18-25, recovering from addiction, homelessness, and instability. Each home’s unique focus and programming is tailored around helping their distinctive residents sustain long-term recovery and experience lasting flourishing. Learn more about our programming and finances here.

A gift of $285,000 sponsors one of our transitional homes for a year.

Why five years?

It’s reliable: Your pledge improves our cash flow, helps us plan our budget wisely, and enables us to achieve our goals for years to come.

It’s compassionate: Steady funding helps us provide our services to those who need them when they need them the most.

It’s encouraging: Knowing you’re there for the long haul makes all the difference–we’re in this together!

Would you like to discuss making a pledge?

Please email us at development@providencenetwork.org or call us 303-551-9319. We’d love to chat!

You can make The Road to Providence Pledge by filling out the form below or by notifying our team. Those who commit to a monthly donation also become members of The Table, our monthly giving community.

If you would rather mail a check or notify us of your pledge in writing, please contact:

Providence Network

Attn: Development

357 N. Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Need help? Call 303-551-9319 or email development@providencenetwork.org or visit your donor portal. If you encounter trouble with the form, you can also donate via Colorado Gives Day. We also accept stock donations.