Our Mission

To heal broken lives from the inside out through faith-based transformational housing communities

Our Vision

To develop communities of transformed individuals and families living out healthy lifestyles of reconciliation, economic self-sufficiency and spiritual wholeness

Our Purpose

Providence Network is an urban, transformational housing organization that helps men, women and families heal from addictions, abuse and homelessness to become self-sufficient, productive members of the community

Impact Statement

Providence Network residents will experience transformational healing through individual growth and supportive relationships, together with economic self-sufficiency that fuels a more abundant future.

Economic Self-Sufficiency

75% of residents will achieve stable levels of economic self-sufficiency upon completion of the program

Healthy Connection

80% of residents will build healthy attachment to individuals or groups that support mutual growth and recovery

Redemptive Beliefs

85% of residents will experience redemptive beliefs about their personal identity, agency, and purpose

Missional Goals

Our desire is that everyone who comes to Providence Network will not simply survive, but thrive. One way we measure this process of transformation is through our missional goals. Economic self-sufficiency, healthy connection, and redemptive beliefs form three pillars of growth that help predict long-term success, bound by our belief that Christ-centered community makes change possible.

Invitation to Belonging

Providence Network is a community of compassionate servant leaders who want to see our neighbors and our city thrive. We believe that transformation is possible and understand that recovery and healing take time. We’re committed to being present through the highs and lows and sticking around for the long haul.

Our Unity Statement

Since 1988, Providence Network has been fueled by a singular vision: to see our city and our neighbors thrive. We have a rich history of creating places to call home, with and for people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. As an organization made up of people with various lived experiences of discrimination, we recognize the damage of implicit bias. Our commitment is to engage in difficult conversations, evaluate our posture and practices, and take authentic action as we learn and grow. Our faith calls us to see ourselves and our neighbors as made in the image of God and to love each other without prejudice or condition. In doing so, we strive to be a community that is safe, welcoming, and transformative—a place where people are fully known and truly loved.