What will life 50 years from now look like? What will our world be like 50 years from today? While some dream about leaps in technology (think AI computers), Mars colonies, and flying cars, we dream about our residents at Silver Lining House.

We hope that 50 years from now, these young men will have maintained their sobriety, deepened their walk with God, and given back to their family, friends, and communities. So how do we get there?

I recently asked Dana Jones, a Providence Network staff member of 16+ years, “What is one significant thing you and the team are doing today (or in this season) that will help chart the next 50 years for our residents?” Dana’s answer:

Our Christ-centered peer-support model is making a huge difference where residents are experiencing authentic relationship, acceptance, and accountability from staff who understand the pain and challenges residents have faced and the resilience it will take to forge a new path. We offer a lot of specific services, but if our residents don’t feel safe and genuinely cared for, their growth will be stunted.

Learning how to live in community and to move toward relationship has insurmountable value that they will carry forward the rest of their lives. This year we have seen several residents reconcile with family members—they have both received and offered forgiveness and are setting appropriate boundaries to maintain healthy connections. What a privilege it is to watch these transformations!

We are taking steps today (and every day) to make that 50-year vision a reality for the young men of Silver Lining House. But we cannot do it without you!

Would you please donate today to make 50 years of changed lives possible? What will life 50 years from now look like? We don’t know, but for these young men, we are excited to find out. 

With appreciation, 

Jonathan M. Romig
Providence Network
Development Manager