Did you know that you can fundraise for Providence Network using social media? If you’re running a marathon, hosting a birthday party, managing a golf tournament, or just want to encourage our mission, there are several great ways to fundraise.

Both Facebook and Instagram have built-in tools our partners can use to raise funds and send them directly to us.

The video below explains how to host a Facebook fundraiser, or you can get started here. While we haven’t yet made a video tutorial of how to fundraise using Instagram, you can find instructions here.

A group photo of the Providence Network staff singing Happy Birthday.


We appreciate your partnership on either platform!

But why fundraise for Providence Network? Every dollar raised makes a difference in our residents’ lives! Every dollar raised is spent on one of our three missional goals: 1) economic self-sufficiency, 2) healthy connection, and 3) redemptive beliefs.

If you would rather fundraise in person, we love that too! Businesses, churches, book clubs, individuals and groups can find creative ways to fundraise for us. Thank you again for considering how to fundraise for Providence Network using social media. Enjoy the video below. God bless!