Today, Will Aitchison is giving back at Silver Lining House, where he will become a live-in community partner when he completes his FirstStep program next month. Just two years ago, Will was bouncing in and out of other recovery programs, spending most nights sleeping in his truck or at shelters throughout Denver.

Will Aitchison is giving back at Silver Lining House. Photo of Will walking up the steps outside.
Will Aitchison walks up the steps of Silver Lining House

It’s a difficult reality to imagine on days as bitter cold as recent onesHe was doing everything in his power to quit alcohol, but nothing was changing. Like so many of our residents, finding a faith-fueled program and the support of a community like Providence Network made all the difference.

So what happens after someone completes our two-year program?

Healthy relationships, healing, and stability are all important outcomes, but it doesn’t end there. As seen in the graphic below, we believe the practice of “giving back” becomes an essential part of sustaining recovery.

A resident's journey of transformation

Our founder, Andy Cannon, explains that in learning to give back, we discover one of God’s most fulfilling gifts: the gift of purpose. Thankfully, Will’s purpose has led him to serve the next generation at Silver Lining House. He is giving back by sharing his story, by walking alongside, by modeling life change.

Take a moment to watch the video below as Will shares what the opportunity to give back means to him. He is especially excited about peer coaching and the opportunity to “get real” and help fellow residents on their journey as long as he can. “Be genuine, authentic,” he says, “you’re gonna make mistakes, as I have made plenty.” Will’s vulnerability and compassion show, which we think makes him a great role model for new residents.

Enjoy Will’s epic walk and the conversation that follows as he discusses the power of giving back at Silver Lining House.

Would you, like Will, consider giving generously to Providence Network? Help our staff and residents journey through recovery into transformation one step at a time.