Since 1988, Providence Network has helped hurting men, women, and families find healing and reconciliation, created safe home environments for youth to flourish, and affected long-lasting generational change

A Mother’s Transformation

“It brought our family back together with a new stronger bond in connection, and I am proud of my mom for all of the accomplishments and challenges that she has had to face.”
– Melinda’s Daughter

Recent Joy House graduate completing affordable addiction recovery program in Denver, ColoradoMelinda's Joy House Graduation Journey of Transformation

All the kids across our six transformational housing communities benefit from the safety, love, and stability they experience and from their parent’s own growth and healing. This often extends beyond our homes to the children of residents outside of Providence Network as well.

Recent Providence House graduate family photo, substance recovery program in DenverRecent Providence House graduate completing low cost addiction recovery program in Denver, Colorado

A Father’s Testimony

“It’s a life changing program… It’s provided the opportunity for me to be a better father, better man down the road to my kids.”
– Billy, Bryce, and Audrey’s Dad

Our holistic approach cares for the whole family

Your generosity can help heal childhood trauma

 Through a holistic program of mentoring, mental health counseling, stable housing, and peer support, our residents can take the first steps out of homelessness into recovery. The ripple effect of this work replaces a generational cycle of poverty and abuse with positive physical and mental health, tools to succeed, and hope for the future.

“There’s just so much life that happens within the walls of Joy House…
It’s just a place for kids to be happy and thrive.”

– Dana Jones, Program Director

Recent Providence House graduate completing low cost addiction recovery program in Denver, Colorado

A Family Restored

Gabriel graduated from Providence House and has experienced a restored relationship with his wife and daughter. Their story continues in our NextStep community where they share an apartment.

Recent Providence House graduate and family completing low cost addiction recovery program in Denver, Colorado

Will you help us affect generational change?

Financial donations to Providence Network can help the children and teens in our homes change the trajectory of their lives for good.