Are you considering donating stock to a charity?

One of our transitional-housing program graduates recently donated awareness. One of our sober-living community residents hopes to donate proceeds from his book sales. And recently, a local coffee shop raised funds on Giving Tuesday. This is just a sample of the many creative ways to give to charity.

While there are a myriad of gifting options, we want to highlight one in particular: the gift of shares/stock in a corporation. Did you know that if you’re a shareholder, you can donate stock directly to Providence Network via contacting your broker? And there may be some tax incentives in doing so.

We accept stock donations too.

Should I donate my shares of stock? Or sell the stock and donate the money from the sale?

There may be a financial incentive to donating stock rather than selling it and then donating your earnings. Our friends over at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) explain:

When you give publicly traded stock to your Giving Fund, you may qualify for a fair-market-value deduction, and the capital gains tax does not have to be paid on the sale of the gifted stock. A gift to NCF of appreciated stock allows you to bless the charities you love by recommending significant grants from your Giving Fund. Compared to selling the stock first, and then giving cash, you can preserve substantially greater value for granting this way.

To learn more about complex-asset giving, visit the National Christian Foundation’s non-cash giving page (Providence Network is not sponsored by or an affiliate of the National Christian Foundation, but we appreciate the many resources they offer).

How to donate stock/shares to Providence Network

Before donating securities, please consult your financial advisor or tax professional. Stock donations should be made payable to “Providence Network” and can be transferred to our brokerage account:

Morgan Stanley
Account #343158778
DTC Clearing 0015

If applicable, our EIN is: 74-2505406. Please notify the development team before making the transfer, or if you have any questions, so that we can help facilitate the transaction. Our development phone number is 303-551-9319 or you can email

Will you consider donating stock to our charity?

Providence Network is a transitional housing organization in Denver helping men, women, and children overcome addiction, domestic violence and homelessness to live flourishing lives and experience lasting change.

Learn more about our work by reading our recent fundraising appeal featuring a father and daughter’s story of reconciliation. Thank you for considering giving the gift of donated stock to Providence Network!

Disclaimer: Providence Network has not provided you with any investment, financial, or tax advice. Instead, we have advised you to consult with your own legal and financial advisors and tax experts. We are not responsible for any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon or as a result of the content made available on this website or social media channels.