Our Church Partnerships Pathway is an intentional step-by-step process to help congregations love their neighbors in the heart of Denver through supporting the work of Providence Network

Vision Tour

Church Invitation

Prayer Initiative

Monthly Giving

Volunteer Teams

Give Connection

  • Andy Cannon explains about the mission of Providence Network
  • Jonathan Romig, Dana Jones, and guests from Golden Sky Properties in Lakewood, CO touring Providence Network
  • Tour of Providence Network, dad and child
  • Bill Downer, Jonathan Romig, and guest touring Providence House, our addictions recovery community
  • Jonathan Romig and guests from the Denver Institute for Faith and Work (DIFW) touring Silver Lining House

Step 1. Vision Tour

– Co-Founder, Andy Cannon, had a vision for Providence Network to be a bridge for churches in the suburbs to serve those experiencing homelessness in Denver. That vision is alive and well today!

– We call our two-year transformational homes our FirstStep homes and our “first step” for church ministry leaders is to come and see.

– Our tours offer an inside look at our homes and a chance to meet staff who live life alongside those we serve as mentors and friends.

Step 2. Church Invitation

– Now that you’ve visited us, it’s our turn to visit you.

– We would love to tour your facilities, hear about your ministries and see what God is doing in your part of Denver. 

– Would you introduce us to your church family during one of your services or by inviting us to host a table in your lobby?

Step 3. Prayer Initiative

– Bring a (small or large) group of your church family to one of our properties to listen, learn, and pray.

– We will share our prayer needs and you can facilitate the prayer time.

– While there is no financial expectation, we see this as an intentional step in building a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

Step 4. Monthly Giving

– Members of The Table give monthly to Providence Network to help our residents pursue economic self-sufficiency, healthy connection and redemptive beliefs year round.

– When your church joins The Table, we’ll send you regular inside looks at how your donations are changing lives so you can share them with your church family!

Join The Table, a Monthly Giving Community - Photo of Providence House Dinner

Step 5. Volunteer

– Volunteer opportunities are most meaningful with those who are invested in our mission and connected with our team.

– Now that we’ve gotten to know each other better, we want to extend that invitation to you.

– Serving takes many forms and can start small, like dropping off dinner or helping with gardening.

– What better way to develop our partnership than rolling up our sleeves and working together!

Step 6. Share Connection

– We really value the relational generosity of partners who connect us with individuals, businesses, and communities looking for relevant ways to love their neighbors. 

– We are continually looking for people who want to help those experiencing homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence. Have a friend or family member with the same passion? We’d love to meet them!

Thank you for walking along our Church Partnerships Pathway – Ready to take your first step?