At Silver Lining House, we are working to change the trajectory of someone’s life. 

We believe that many young men today are in desperate need of the services we offer through Silver Lining House — living in Christian community, holistic addiction recovery programming, mental health counseling, job readiness coaching, staff mentoring, and encouraging residents’ spiritual life.

We are calling the young men of Silver Lining House to something that is both deeply supportive and yet very challenging. We envision catching young men in their 20s and, together with them, changing the trajectory of their lives (the next 50 years).

Our 24/7 staff team is the heartbeat of our homes. Many of our staff have lived experience with homelessness and substance misuse, and can therefore offer relational and recovery encouragement to the young men who are newly sober and off the streets. By the end of their time at Silver Lining House, we hope these young men will have the new foundation, confidence, and character to give back to those coming in, multiplying a life-giving cycle of recovery.

Our staff sense God’s call to live out the Gospel in community. Jesus experienced meaningful relationships with twelve others (which is about how many residents we have at SLH), helping his followers to see themselves as children of God. We find this to be a great model to live by!

If you would like to partner with us, please give a gift or join our monthly donor community, The Table. Your gift could help change the trajectory of someone’s life.


Derek Kuykendall
Executive Director
Providence Network