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Change the Trajectory of Someone’s Life

At Silver Lining House, we are working to change the trajectory of someone’s life.  We believe that many young men today are in desperate need of the services we offer through Silver Lining House [...]

Jack’s Recovery Story: From Aging Out to Finding Home

Jack came back home on his 18th birthday to find all of his belongings placed in the front yard of the group home. He had settled in this group home after spending most of his [...]

IRA Giving: Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

Are you in your 70s and receiving distributions from your individual retirement account (IRA)? Did you know you can potentially make a qualified charitable distributions (QCD) to Providence Network and lower your tax burden [...]

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Changing the next 50 years of young men’s lives

Wyatt is at the hospital asking, "What’s next?" He feels anxious, unwell. He doesn't want to go back to the addictions, has no home, and his mental health has deteriorated. He needs a plan. [...]

Remembering Providence Network in your Will, Trust, and Estate Planning

Would you consider remembering Providence Network in your will, trust, and estate planning? Including us in your end-of-life charitable giving could make an impact for generations to come, continuing the work you invested so [...]

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ReFUND Colorado: Remembering Providence Network during tax season

Have you filed your Colorado state taxes yet? If you are receiving a refund, tax time is an excellent opportunity to bless others with unexpected funds. Would you consider giving a donation from your [...]

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Providence House’s Addiction Recovery Program for Women and Men

Providence House offers an addiction recovery program for women and men. We recently asked one of our Providence House Care Coordinators, April Sloan, how she describes our program to those interested in applying. Her [...]

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