Question: How many birthday cakes does our Victory House director make each year?

We love celebrating birthdays in a recovery community!

I’m Bernadine, and I serve as the director of Victory House, one of Providence Network’s three sober living apartments. A big part of my role is fostering community among our residents, as isolation is such a key factor in addiction.

One of the small ways I do this is on birthdays. Birthdays can be a really painful time for many of our residents, without family and friends to celebrate with, or because birthdays were often forgotten or ignored growing up.

Birthdays were really tough for me as a child because my parents never remembered them. They were too busy drinking. But over time, God has redeemed my experience and now birthdays are something I look forward to!

Our Providence Network staff recently celebrated my 60th birthday, which was more meaningful than they may have realized. I try to pass the joy along by making birthday cakes for every person at Victory House. Here are a few photos of birthday cakes from our recovery community:

Answer: That’s often as many as 45 cakes a year!

You can enjoy a few more photos of birthday cakes on Facebook as well.

If I could make a birthday cake for all of our Providence Network friends and partners, I would! But for now, please enjoy a virtual slice of cake on us.

We appreciate you! And when your big day arrives, “Happy Birthday!”

With love,

Bernadine Klingsmith
Providence Network
Victory House Director

P.S. We also made this video of our staff singing “Happy Birthday” to you! Enjoy!