Where is the wildest place you’ve ever slept?—I bet it’s not as wild as where Gabriel has slept.

Before he came to Providence House, Gabriel has slept at homeless shelters. For a time he slept outside a law office on the concrete without blankets or even a sleeping bag. Once he even slept inside a dumpster because it was pouring rain.

But the first night Gabriel came to Providence House, our donors funded his bedroom where he enjoyed his very own bed. No more concrete. No more dumpsters. Just warmth and healing.

While I personally have slept in a tent without a rain cover, and once tried to—but couldn’t—sleep in a cave, I’ve never slept in places like Gabriel. If I could, I would want to help someone like Gabriel. And I do, by giving monthly.

Over the course of 730 nights (that’s two years!), Gabriel found healing from his trauma through high-quality mental health care, healthy relationships with peers and staff, workforce development, and spiritual renewal—each made possible through the generosity of donors like you.

In his own words, here’s what Gabriel has to say about Providence Network . . .

Recent Providence House graduate completing low cost addiction recovery program in Denver, Colorado

Gabriel and his family celebrates his graduation from Providence House

Providence Network allowed me to find my inner strength, through God and unity, community. After graduating I was able to continue my healing and recovery by moving into the NextStep apartments, where I was able to reconcile with my wife and daughter. Words can never express the amount of gratitude and joy that fill my heart. I have 5 1/2 years of sobriety and recovery. Now I get to give back to my community.

Gabriel went from homeless and estranged from his wife and daughter to becoming a resident at Providence House. As seen in this video, his wife and daughter attended his graduation. By God’s grace, their whole family reconciled and moved into our NextStep affordable sober-living housing.

Gabriel’s story is a story of reconciliation, a story of healing and hope, a family restored.

And guess what? Now Gabriel and his family are investing in the next generation of residents through their monthly donations. They’ve joined our monthly giving community, The Table.

Would you also become a monthly donor, like Gabriel?

It costs us approximately $65 per night per resident at Prov House. And that comes with programming, meals, and a loving 24/7 live-in staff. That’s a great deal!

Would you please consider donating even $15 a month? That would equal $180 over the course of one year, but more importantly, it would equal three sleepless nights turned into three nights of healing.

Sleep well, like Gabriel.

Family of three in downtown Denver at Sam's No 3

My wife and I give because we were given the gift of recovery/healing. The only way to keep it, is to give it away. - Gabriel