The Impact

Surviving to Thriving

Most people come to us barely surviving, bound by fear and desperation. Our purpose is to foster change that sets them up to thrive. Once basic needs are met, they can begin to deal with the pain of their past. Relationships form. Confidence builds. Life skills develop. Freedom is found.  

Saving Taxpayer Dollars

According to Denver’s Road Home, it currently costs Denver taxpayers over $40,000 per homeless person remaining on the streets per year.

For $6,000 per year per resident, Providence Network provides the support and services the residents need to become healthy, productive members of the community.

The Ripple Effect

Reaching someone at a young age can actually change the trajectory of their life. This ends the generational cycle of homelessness, poverty, addictions and abuse. Families are reconciled, neighborhoods are strengthened and communities are improved. 

Healthy People Lead to Healthy Communities 

Through the compassion and resources provided by our network of staff, partners, volunteers and donors, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE.