The Reality

It's Tough Out There

In Metro Denver: 5,467 were identified as homeless  

  • 20% were considered newly homeless
  • 30% are female
  • 29% were under the age of 24

(As revealed by the 2016 Metro Denver Homeless Initiate Point-in-Time Study) 

The Challenge

Housing alone is not enough

Those faced with low income or homelessness often struggle with addictions, mental illness, low self-esteem and a history of physical and emotional abuse. They need more than a place to live. They need a community where they can thrive.

Addictions are like brush fires

Before you know it, they’ve destroyed your relationships, your home, your work and your dignity. It takes a “team” to extinguish them.

People need people

Without the support and encouragement of loving friends, it’s easy for those in recovery to isolate and relapse when faced with normal life challenges.