Meet a Volunteer

I learned about Providence Network at a social justice fair and was immediately captured by their mission of bringing hope and practical solutions to hurting people. I knew I had to get involved.

I attended a "Taste of Providence" luncheon at Providence House and loved the opportunity to tour the home and see where people live in relationship together. I walked away with more understanding, excitement and a deeper appreciation for their work. Then I started to volunteer.

My first big event was the Resident Dinner & Talent Show. For me, the most memorable part was witnessing the way in which everyone - the residents, volunteers, and staff - all joined together as a family, and earnestly delighted in sharing the night together. There was a noticeable and refreshing absence of division as some residents helped to serve and clean, and some staff performed in the talent show.  As an outsider looking in, it would have been difficult to determine “who was who” because all you would see was a group of people, genuinely and wholeheartedly enjoying community with one another. The super-intense dance routine of Connor “The Rock Dude” was the second most memorable part of the evening.

- Zac Hildebrandt