Meet Providence Network

Transforming lives since 1988

Providence Network is a 501(c)3 Denver faith-based, urban transformational housing organization that helps men, women and families heal from addictions, abuse and homelessness to become self-sufficient, productive members of the community.

What makes us different?

Holistic Approach

Providence Network (PN) addresses not only physical, but emotional, spiritual and economic needs: 

  • shelter, food & safety
  • individual & group counseling
  • addictions recovery
  • life & job skills training
  • spiritual nurturing
  • supportive services
  • friendship, respect & unconditional love

24/7 live-in staff

PN's staff consists of men and women dedicated to:

  • leading by example
  • building community
  • maintaining a safe, supportive and substance-free environment
  • helping to stop the generational cycle of poverty and abuse
  • goal planning and accountability

Continuum of Care

Providence Network offers both transitional AND affordable housing for long-term success: 

FirstStep 2-year Transitional Housing

Those who come to PN often have nowhere else to go. Desperate to escape the trauma and challenges of their past, our residents find peace and understanding among a loving staff who truly care. The bonds formed in our community allow men and women to take that first step toward recovery and self-sufficiency.

NextStep Long-Term Affordable Housing 

We have found that without a supportive community for our FirstStep graduates to move into, they can fall back into past lifestyles when faced with challenges such as loss of a job, medical issues or a broken heart. To insure long-term success, our graduates need a positive next step: a healthy environment where they can live out their new skills and values among loving friends.


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