Meet Kendra

My Story

My boyfriend said he would make me regret ever leaving him. I didn’t know which was worse: living with a man who constantly threatened me and my children or running away and having to hide for the rest of our lives.  

I was forced to make that decision when he came home one night and flew off the handle about a few dirty dishes in the sink. He threw me to the ground and broke a plate over my head. My girls were screaming and crying. I knew I had to get out, no matter what. 

Once he passed out, I grabbed the girls and a few belongings, and I fled to a nearby shelter. From there I learned of Providence Network, which changed my life. Their safe house provided security and peace, which seemed impossible. They helped me realize that I am worthy of respect, care and a future. I started school to finish my GED and my girls have learned to laugh and trust again. 

From Joy house I moved into Victory Apartments. It is filled with people who know our story and love us like family. They are with us in times of celebration and when we face challenges. I never imagined life could be like this!